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Immigration Court Representation

Effective Florida,Immigration Removal And Deportation Defense Lawyer

We represent clients from Florida and throughout the United States

The USCIS and USICE is serious about the deportation or removal process. As such, it may be advisable to hire an experienced immigration lawyer who understands the process and what the immigration judges are looking for. During these difficult times, you need straight answers about what your Court hearing will involve.

When we meet for an initial consultation, we will give you honest, clear answers to your questions and concerns. That's why we will charge you $150 per hour for a consultation, rather than provide a free "sales pitch" consultation that often leaves you with more questions than answers. We want you to have the immigration and deportation facts that you are paying for. Of course we want to help you resolve your Immigration Court case, but we also invite you to check out our answers and information with other law firms. We want you to have complete confidence that we are experienced attorneys whom you may rely upon at your hearing before the Immigration Court. We are confident that you will understand what we mean when we say that we strive for excellence.

We provide a full range of immigration court services, including: